Hello! Nice to meet you!


Applying for your first job? Want to put your best foot forward for your next interview? Need to fine tune your resume and re-enter the workforce?

You’ve come to the right place. Coffee with a Coach is where I offer individual career related tips and advice on job search navigation to mock interviews to resume/cover letter editing. Government funded job agencies and professional writing services are pushed to meet their quotas/make money, so I’ve been providing a different experience with a cheaper price tag.

The concept is simple: meet me in person for a brief time over coffee OR on Skype in a relaxed environment so I can assess your individual needs – from which industry you want to work in to your biggest struggles as a job seeker. From there, you can decide which service best meets your needs.


I have 5+ years of experience with revising and editing resumes and cover letters. I’ve worked in multiple industries: fast food restaurants, recreation & leisure, financial services, retail and higher education – and have screened, interviewed and hired employees for work in multiple environments. After all this time, I’ve realized thatĀ folks most of the time have a hard time articulating their academic, volunteer and work achievements and that is why I do what I do.

Some folks skip the coffee and jump right in to take advantage of my resume editing service/other services, which I’ve listed below:

Resume edits – standard formatting/spell check, ensure solid work examples/achievements are listed, key words/industry lingo is included
Mock Interview – includes debrief on answers and tips on how to present yourself
Job search navigation – includes exploring techniques to use online, cold calling, in person, etc.
LinkedIn Profile Edit – spell check and tips on how to improve your overall profile from endorsements to summaries to recommendations

Services begin at $10.

Interested? Sign up below for more information and/or schedule a session.


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